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Call Us Today!
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Classes are available for everyone who loves dance and fitness.
Our classes are for any age, any level, adults and kids.

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Creative Rhythm and Movement:
Ages 4–5
8-week sessions (plus one 12-week recital session)
A fun and interactive class focusing on rhythmic movement and coordination through the use of imagery and inspired play. Fundamentals of ballet are introduced. Great for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten!
Million Dollar Babies:
Ages 1 1/2–3
8-week sessions
Parent and child can experience the world of dance together in this six-week workshop. Children will be introduced to dance through rhythmic games, basic dance vocabulary and spatial awareness exercises. Musical rhythm and locomotor movements are explored in a fun and interactive way.

Dance (Sept. - May)

Ballet A-F: 
Ages 6–Adult
The student is placed according to her/his level. Focus on ballet technique and development. Classes are influenced by the Vaganova (Russian) ballet technique. Students will progress through the curriculum, acquiring proficiency in the craft of ballet. Emphasis on proper placement, alignment, form and fun!
Modern (Contemporary):     
A grounded and exhilarating form of dance.  Drum beats and bare feet! Classes are influenced by a wide range of movement techniques, including Graham, Cunningham, African and various cultural dances as well as current artists.
The jazz of today combines contemporary moves with the great influences of Broadway dance.  Jazz dance vocabulary will be developed. Emphasis on technique and a wide range of music will be explored.
Fun and fast paced. Classes will focus on learning the latest moves from the clubs and videos.  Students can expect high energy and great music! A good way to get moving and enjoy dance. All contemporary music played in class will be edited for content.
A dance performed wearing shoes fitted with metal taps, characterized by the rhythmical tapping of the toes and heels. A variety of fun music is explored.
Note:  In order to protect the studio floor, no street shoes are allowed.  Hip-Hop sneakers are to be worn only for dance—not as street shoes. Thank you.
Combination classes:
Jazz / Hip-Hop
Ballet / Jazz
Ballet / Tap

Combination classes allow the dancer to experience and develop a familiarity with dance terms and dance technique of two different types of dancing in one class.

Adult Fitness Classes

Pilates Mat Workout: 
Beginners & Walk-Ins Welcome
Haven't tried Pilates yet? Owner, Judy Albano, will guide you through these unbelievable body-shaping exercises that will help you develop core strength, increase your flexibility, and lengthen and strengthen your muscles. Bring your 2 lb or 3 lb weights for an extra arm workout!
As founder Joseph Pilates said, "In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions, you'll have an entirely new body!"
Barre Workout: 
(This is a fitness class, not a dance class) 
NO BALLET EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! Barre workout classes are sweeping the nation! This class uses basic exercises at the ballet barre to burn calories, create long lean muscles, build core strength, and have fun! In addition to the barre work, we also incorporate core-building mat exercises into the class. Get ready for a new you!

Short Short-Term Classes:

(In addition to our dance classes, which generally run September-May, The Dance Academy also offers some dance and fitness classes in shorter-term sessions)
Million Dollar Babies: Ages 2-3 years, 8-Week Sessions
Creative Rhythm & Movement: Ages 4-5 years, 8-Week Sessions (plus one 12-week spring performance session)
All Boys Hip-Hop: 8 Week Sessions 


Shoes, leotards, tights, etc. can be ordered through The Dance Academy of Colchester. 
Fitness Classes:
Bare feet or socks and comfortable, light clothing
 Young Girls:
Creative Rhythm and Movement: Pink tights, pink leotard, LEATHER pink ballet slippers
Million Dollar Babies: Bare feet and light comfortable clothing or whatever frilly ballet outfit they might be in the mood for that day!
Older Girls:
(Girls' hair should always be in a neat ballet bun for ballet class and a pony-tail or bun for ALL other classes)
Ballet A-F: Pink tights, black leotard, pink ballet slippers (leather or canvas)
Hip-Hop:  Appropriate comfortable clothing, no bare midriffs. Dance sneakers (no street shoes allowed)
Jazz: Black leggings (capri or full-length), Dance Academy t-shirt, tank top, or recital t-shirt, tan slip-on jazz shoes
Modern: Black leggings (capri or full-length), Dance Academy t-shirt, tank top, or recital t-shirt, bare feet or foot undeez
Lyrical: Black leggings (capri or full-length), Dance Academy t-shirt, tank top, or recital t-shirt, nude lyrical shoes
Tap: Black leggings (capri or full-length), Dance Academy t-shirt, tank top, or recital t-shirt, black tap shoes (see instructor for shoe requirements)
All Classes: Black dance pants or dance shorts and white T-shirt or white tank-top (black or white ballet slippers for ballet)
dance class
pink dance class
street clothes dance class
hip hop dance class
group dance
pink tutus!
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